ExpertAI is a team of experts in the technical, business, financial, social, and ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It offers boutique, high-tech, high-quality consulting services that help organizations in their Artificial Intelligence Journey. Our experts combine business acumen with a deep technical understanding of AI systems and technique, including cutting edge AI technologies such as Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems, Robotics, Cobots, Automatic Machine Learning, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, as well as Ethical and Responsible AI. They also master all sorts of Machine Learning techniques including traditional Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.


We help you design, implement, and deploy your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence project. Our team will engage in all stages of your project from data collection and consolidation to the selection of most effective machine learning model for the problem at hand.

We offer business consulting services around AI products and solutions, including feasibility analysis, business modelling and techno-economic analysis.

Our team includes experienced research managers that help our customer align their business strategy with the evolution of the state of the art in AI.

Our team includes experts in the legal and regulatory issues of AI, including issues associated with transparency, trustworthiness, and ethics.


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