HEU Circular TwAIn

Circular TwAIn logoExpertAI-LUX is excited to be a partner in the Horizon Europe Circular TwAIn project.

Circular TwAIn develops a digital twin infrastructure for circular manufacturing, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Thproject aims to use AI and digital twins to lower the barriers for all the stakeholders in manufacturing and process industry circular value chains to adopt and fully leverage trusted AI technologies, in ways that enable end-to-end sustainability, i.e. from eco-friendly product and production processes design (i.e. ‘circularity by design’), to the maximum exploitation of production waste across the circular chain. To this end, the project develops a novel AI-based platform for circular manufacturing value chains.

The role ExpertAI-LUX in the project is primarily focused on social, legal, and ethical management activities with emphasis on AI Ethics. ExpertAI-LUX will ensure that the AI systems of the project are design and developed in-line with regulatory mandates and in-line with the principles of the AI Act.

Follow the Circular TwAIn’s LinkedIn Account for updates regarding the project’s progress and results.