ExpertAI-LUX feels honoured to be a partner in the Horizon Europe CLARUS project.

CLARUS will connect the Sustainable Paradigm in the food industry with AI-based applications. The aim is to develop a platform with high communications and processing capabilities, as well as the use of standardized open protocols and data models, that will allow resource consumption assessment and traceability for food industry processes. The project will also define a novel Green Deal Performance Assessment methodology and will create a Green Deal Index (GDI).

CLARUS solutions will be tested in its two pilots, rotating around the resource and logistic optimization methods and use data-driven techniques to improve resource management in food processes. The first pilot regards the production of the frozen food, where energy and water consumption can be reduced using AI and data technologies. The second focuses on the meat by-product production, where the aim is to reduce the energy and maintain the quality of the products by optimizing the logistics of the by-products arrival.

By orchestrating all the social, legal, and ethics-related activities of CLARUS, with emphasis on AI Ethics and Environmental Ethics, ExpertAI-LUX will ensure that an ethics-by-design approach is followed throughout the project lifecycle and that legal constraints and ethical implications are properly tackled, taking into account also the upcoming regulatory developments, such as the AI Act and the Data Act.

ExpertAI-LUX will also lead the activities for eliciting the functional and non-functional requirements of the CLARUS AI approach.

Stay tuned! LinkedIn Account will follow in the next weeks for updates regarding the project’s progress and results.